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Point of Care/Diagnostic Tests
PDCI Medical has partnered with some of the most innovative, key players in the diagnostic market, and has continued to keep abreast of the latest trends in this fast moving sector.  Our wide portfolio of clients has given us experience and insight into a variety of products and sub-industries.  We are well versed in the needs of glucose, fertility, infectious disease, drugs-of-abuse, and blood coagulation testing industries; we also understand and adhere to their most stringent quality requirements, and can accomodate the most demanding of production schedules.

Backing Cards
These research tools, which are custom die cut and slit with a flexible plastic laminated to a high tack, biocompatible acrylic adhesive, are converted into rolls or cards according to your needs and material requirements.  The liner on the adhesive system is scored to create several columns to facilitate ease of removal, and “lay-down” of your membranes and papers.  PDCI Medical can also help in the custom slitting of your nitrocellulose membranes and chromatography papers.

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  • Medical grade, acrylic adhesive systems

Biosensors can be die cut and laminated from a variety of different medical grade thick film adhesives which can be used in metabolic analyte testing, electrolyte detection in drug delivery, microfluidic chip designs for DNA sequencing, and pacemakers and hearing aids.
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  • Cross linked polyethylene foam
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Lateral flow assays and tests
Combining narrow widths of chromatography papers, membranes and conjugate pads while maintaining an effective transfer of liquids is a task that requires state-of-the-art precision die cutting and converting equipment and experience with tight tolerances.  PDCI Medical is home to class 1,000 and 10,000 clean rooms that are, in turn, equipped with multi-stage rotary machines capable of processing multiple webs of materials and finally, bring them together in a final laminated component ready for coating, strip cutting, and assembly into your dipstick or lateral flow test housing.
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  • Biocompatible acrylic adhesive systems
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