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PDCI development, manufacturing, and delivery capabilities
Capabilities Main
Die Cutting

Highly sophisticated, multi-stationed computer controlled rotary die cutting systems and advanced high speed kiss cutting presses equipped with ultra-sensitive optics, promise the most accurate registration available in the industry.

Multiple layers of materials are treated with a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives and bonded together to form a composite layer best suited to a specific application.

Diverse slitting capabilities vary from fully computerized single lever slitting to score slitting of material as wide as 72". The company is also one of the industry's most advanced fabricators in sheer slitting of chemically treated and untreated membranes and other glass microfibres.
Cleanroom Manufacturing

Pacific Die Cut employs over 4,000 square feet of Class 10,000 (AKA ISO 7) with the availability of Class 1,000. With a custom ultraviolet filtration system, our cleanroom environments are virtually germ and bacteria free.
Engineering & Prototyping

Pacific Die Cut's highly skilled research and development team applies their knowledge of multiple technologies to identify the materials and processes that best suit a project's unique requirements.
Packaging Solutions

Custom packaging and labeling solutions are for ease of use and enhanced product integrity. We have also teamed up with reputable thermoforming suppliers to develop containment systems which houses customized plastic inserts.
Just-in-Time Delivery

PDCI Medical can help your organization improve profitability via low and steady levels of inventory via daily, weekly and Kanban releases.
End-to-End Manufacturing

Undertaking a variety of program management projects, which include conceptualization and product development, vendor sourcing, custom fabrication, manufacturing, packaging, sterilization and distribution.
PDCI Quick Facts
  • Location: CA, KY
  • Established in: 1989
  • Delivering Products to: North & Latin America, Europe, and Asia
  • Facility Size: 80,000 ft2 Combined
  • Cleanroom Class 10K/ISO 7 with RH Controlled Dry Room: 4,000ft2